Aegon UK Property Fund

Kames Capital manage the £731* million Aegon UK Property Fund, which is the largest property Fund we look after.

About the Fund
The team at Kames Capital have managed the AUK Property Fund since February 2008.  They are responsible for determining the investment strategy of the Fund, buying and selling all direct property and identifying and implementing asset management initiatives.  The team also have responsibility for overseeing the Valuation Process, the Managing Agents and managing the Fund cashflow.

Launched in 1983, the Fund is an open ended, Unit Linked Life and Pension Fund and is monthly valued and daily dealt.  It invests in direct property in all commercial sectors across the UK and has has exposure to retail, offices, industrial and leisure property.

The Fund aims to deliver total returns of a combination of both income and capital growth.  The Fund aims to provide a better quality portfolio than its benchmark, the IPD monthly Index.  It targets a lower void rate, a greater than average unexpired lease term, and out-performance above the IPD monthly benchmark.

The fund is managed by: 

Sarah Cockburn   Sarah Cockburn
Sarah is Head of Unit Linked Property Funds and is the Fund Manager.  Sarah has responsibility for the Fund and deals with a large share of the investment transactions (acquisitions and sales) as well as setting the strategy for the Fund, and working with the team of Assistant Fund Managers who report to her. 


*As at 31 March 2015